How Hard is it to Grow on Instagram in 2021?

And is it worth the effort?

Is it still possible to grow an audience on Instagram in 2021? I think there has never been a better time to do it, but it’s a little different than back in 2017, when I started The Minimalist Wardrobe.

First off, there’s definitely more competition for attention every year. You’re up against more content and better content than ever, so simply compiling neat images together doesn’t fly anymore. You need something good. There’s no way around that.

There’s a positive aspect to this, however. When you build something you’re able to grow in 2021, your audience will be more valuable. The extra effort that’s needed today will pay off when it comes to monetizing the audience.

Back when it was easier to grow an Instagram account, an account with a million followers could be worth close to zero if you hadn’t put any thought or effort into building a meaningful audience—something which was common since new followers were easier to get. That’s not such a common trap anymore.

Secondly, Instagram’s user base today is huge, so your chances of finding yourself an audience for virtually anything is a reality. You won’t run out of people.

Thirdly—and this is my personal opinion, you of course never know—I don’t think Instagram is going anywhere anytime soon. I really think it has cemented its presence in our lives for the foreseeable future. Say what you want about Instagram’s business tactics of buying competitors and copying their businesses into features (e.g. Snapchat and TikTok), but they’re effective.

What I’m trying to say, is that investing effort into building an audience on Instagram is in my opinion a safe bet, in terms of the platform being here for a long time.

So yes. You can definitely grow an audience on Instagram in 2021. It can’t be done without a proper strategy, but the potential is almost limitless.