How We’re Tackling A Growth Problem With A Client

We're setting up a secondary account.

I have an ecommerce client who has struggled to grow their audience on Instagram, even after a year of focused effort to post more meaningful and visually pleasing content.

When taking a closer look at their account, they weren’t doing anything particularly wrong. Sure, there were many things to improve on that undoubtedly would increase their growth—such as using hashtags more effectively and positioning posts to convert new followers better—but nothing drastic that would magically take them from growing a couple hundred followers per month to a couple hundred followers per day.

The problem isn’t how they run their account. It’s the type of account they have. They have a standard brand account, where they showcase their products, repost pics by their customers, post about behind the scenes stuff (upcoming products etc.), and educate their customer base about how to get the most out of their products.

Broadly speaking it’s a well run Instagram account. These types of accounts just aren’t meant to drive growth with. They’re meant to serve your existing customers and to convert people who are already looking for the products you sell.

So we decided to set up a secondary account as a growth engine. The idea is to create something that can attract the target audience, even if they’re not ready to buy our product.

Later we’ll set up funnels, so that when people are researching for products, they can easily find and follow the main account. These could be story highlights leading the the main account, regular mentions on the feed, or even direct story links to the shop.

The secondary account is more of a “theme account”—an account dedicated for a topic, an interest, or a philosophy. You could think of it like an online magazine. In this particular case we decided to create an account for a certain type of decor inspiration, which our product obviously goes perfectly with.

This kind of setup gives us the ability to grow and reach new people at a significantly faster rate, primarily for two reasons:

1. We have a much larger pool of people to go after. Simply being interested in the niche we operate in is enough. No buying intent is needed yet.

2. The secondary account much better at converting new people into followers because it’s more interesting and not selling anything directly.

We’re just starting now, so let’s see how it goes in this case. It’s not something you can just set and forget—there’s definitely work to be done. But from everything I’ve seen on Instagram, including what I’m doing personally, this will work like a charm when executed correctly.

Here’s an article I’ve written about this strategy, if you want to dive a little deeper on the subject.