Stop Optimizing For Trivial Things On Instagram

Focus on what matters.

I’m a perfectionist and it’s not something I take pride in anymore. In fact, I actively work on not obsessing over the smallest things. I like to think of myself as a recovering perfectionist.

The biggest downside my perfectionism had was that I spent way too much time optimizing and improving trivial things that had very little effect on the outcome.

With Instagram that was when to post, how to formulate the perfect caption, picking the perfect photos, combining just the right story with the post, obsessing over the perfect sequence of posts, and constantly trying to force schedules and frameworks on myself (i.e. 40% minimalist thoughts, 40% actionable tips, 20% style advice; with each thought always having a certain kind of story, except for on Wednesdays etc.)

Focusing so much on these details made me sometimes neglect the core message I had, when that’s the thing that often needed scrutiny. Had I thought through what I’m suggesting here? Are there people to whom this is not good advice? Am I promoting something unattainable?

These are the questions I should’ve been asking more, but instead I spent two hours switching around the posts I had queued up and looked up data on how certain themed posts performed depending on their timing. Many, many times I scrapped posts because I couldn’t get the details as I wanted them.

So the lesson I want to pass on is to stop wondering about which scheduling tool to use (they all get the work done) and which font to use in your stories (just pick something you like within the first few minutes), and start devoting more time to thinking about what you’re putting out to the world.

All of the things I mentioned obsessing over can matter to an extent, but the core message is what makes or breaks your account.